Hound hearts exploded with joy when a local distributor popped in on a thread discussing the sought-after Mangalitsa pig, a Hungarian heritage breed known for its rakish curly hairdo and “fat cap” that makes for succulent meat.

Recently nocharge ordered a dandelion and cherry salad with Mangalitsa lard at Perbacco; Spatlese heard that the butchers at Star Meats in Berkeley expected a delivery of Mangalitsa pig parts.

Naturally, hound extraordinaire Melanie Wong is on the case—she contacted a local distributor of pork from Heath Putnam Farms in Washington state, to no avail … until he appeared in the thread and confirmed a URL for information on ordering.

Perbacco [Financial District]
230 California Street, San Francisco

Star Meats [East Bay]
3068 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley

Discuss: Mangalitsa pig?

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