After one visit, Will Owen is ready to call it: Plate 38 has the best burger in Los Angeles. It’s not the biggest, and “it was just one pinch too salty for perfection, but the balance of all its parts could hardly be bettered,” says Will Owen. “The brioche bun had exactly the right texture, flavor, and firmness; the patty was done precisely to the medium-rare stage I’d ordered, and was juicy, beefy. … [T]he cheddar cheese was very good and of exactly the right amount, and the lettuce, tomato, and shreds of red onion were of excellent quality and, again, perfect quantity.”

The burger is brought to your table on a metal tray with an excellent kosher dill spear and a large wood-handled knife, in case you wish to cut your burger in half. The whole shebang is $8.50—perhaps a little high for a place where you order at the register and take a number to your table, but it’s nice and quiet and the burger is incredible.

Plate 38 [San Gabriel Valley]
2361 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena

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