SPQR just reopened with a new chef (Matthew Accarrino), a new menu, and newly spiffed-up digs, but the most exciting change may be the reservation policy. That is, you can make a reservation now—and that’s very important with a super-popular spot like this one.

bobpantzer checked it out just a few days after the reopening and calls the experience “wonderful.” Squash and prune tortellini with almond butter might sound odd to some, but it’s absolutely delicious, he says. Good to share because the sweetish flavors could overwhelm. There’s also a lovely gem lettuce salad with beets, walnuts, and gorgonzola. For mains, roasted swordfish with peperonata and oxtail with grilled short ribs and polenta are a hit; dessert is on the money, with chestnut cake with pears and puff pastry stuffed with apples and cherries.

Quince also just reopened in a new location, but is experiencing a few growing pains, reports Foodnut8. The pastas, once a strong suit, are now oily and salty. On the other hand, the weakest link in the menu used to be the entrées, which are now excellent —the duck and halibut, anyway. Falling into the “solid” category are sea scallops, veal, tuna, and the squab appetizer.

The new space is modern and elegant, definitely a special occasion restaurant with a funky edge (exposed-brick walls combine with chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling). But it hasn’t quite gelled yet and, with portions on the light side and prices on the high side, it’s probably best to give it time.

SPQR [Pacific Heights]
1911 Fillmore Street, San Francisco

Quince [Financial District]
470 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco

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