I’m wasting a lot of time right now scouring the Internet for the best food-related Halloween videos I can find. My criteria? They have to make me laugh or scratch my head, and they need to involve costumes and/or fake blood. Bonus points are awarded if there is any actual cooking involved. The humor isn’t always intentional, but sometimes that’s the best kind. Here are a few:

Awesome song, and I love the sped-up, stop-motion feel. This is my kind of Halloween cooking video! I’m putting this one first to give you a false sense of hope that what follows will actually be instructional.

Nonverbal cavewomen cooking a dish in real time is only tenuously Halloween-related (and barely instructional), but they do have nice knife skills and an excellent dreamy dance sequence.

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, Korean Quiche–Crazy Korean CookingClick here for more home videos

This video proves that the Internet really is the Great Democratizer of Information: Where else could you watch someone place gummy worms into chocolate pudding for over a minute, all the while believing he’s actually teaching you a skill you need to have? (But kudos on the addition of the spiders—major creative points there.)

This might be the most haunting video of the lot. The woman’s eyes are glazed over, her face barely moves, and yet somehow her inflection dramatically rises and falls. It really reminds me of pretty much every zombie movie I’ve ever seen.

I feel like this collection would be incomplete without at least one Sandra Lee video.

Two more for extra credit:

I know it’s not part of his costume, but this guy’s facial hair is really scary—and the cupcake looks pretty horrifying as well.

And this Halloween recipe montage is like getting transported back to a video game from 1988, MIDI-synth music and all.

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