There are essentially two things you need to know about sardines, says tatamagouche: “You can eat them out of the can. And they’re yummy.” Gio also likes to eat sardines out of the can, but adds that they’re great as a topping for a tossed salad, or sometimes as a sandwich with mustard, sliced tomato, thinly sliced onion, and lettuce.

fmed has two ways to eat sardines: over steaming rice, or quickly folded into freshly boiled pasta and seasoned to taste. “I like to add salt and a squeeze of lemon juice or a swish of vinegar,” says fmed. Evilbanana11 marinades thinly sliced onion in vinegar and sugar, and serves them with sardines out of the can—best eaten with slices of toasted baguette. Chopped parsley, coriander, and hot pepper flakes are all welcome additions.

sueatmo likes them with good mustard on crackers (cherry tomatoes and a glass of ginger ale complete the private pleasure of this meal). Passadumkeg works as a sea kayak guide, and eats tons of sardines out of the can when in the field. “I don’t even bother with utensils,” says Passadumkeg. “Pop the top, dig in with fingers, enjoy, and rinse can and fingers in sea when done. Simple and delish.”

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