Chowhounds love to battle over the best slice, the best bagel, the best cup of coffee. But ask where Brooklyn’s “most interesting” food lives and hounds become understandably pensive. Where to start?

MarkG, an out-of-towner, asked the question, with the only stipulation being “any cuisine or price.” That doesn’t really narrow things down!

tex.s.toast responds first, asking, “What makes things interesting to you?” A Di Fara fan, he starts with the vaunted New York pizza, then moves on to Mile End, the Montreal Jewish deli. Steve R chimes in with New York Times three-starred establishment Brooklyn Fare.

phuh3 loves Traif (with bacon doughnuts, if we may opine for a moment, that are crazy-good). Bay Ridge Middle Eastern resto Tanoreen gets a shoutout from chompchomp. So while we wait for MarkG to narrow things down a bit, what do you think is Brooklyn’s most interesting restaurant?

Di Fara Pizza [Midwood]
1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn

Mile End [Boerum Hill]
97 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Fare [Boerum Hill]
200 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn

Traif [Williamsburg]
229 S. Fourth Street, Brooklyn

Tanoreen [Bay Ridge]
7523 Third Avenue, Brooklyn

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