Dean Sin World just introduced a beloved Tianjin snack to its menu: pan-fried flat rice cakes, also known as “ear wax fried cakes.” This is because they were invented in a Tianjin shop that abutted a very narrow alley, known in the area as the “alley the width of an earwax,” explains TonyC. No joking!

“They’re flat yet plump, with a thin layer of red bean paste,” says TonyC. “Think hot fried mochi, cheap, with a red bean paste center. Koreans will say this resembles ho dduk, but the texture and shape is much more uniform, and fried with very little oil, at a lower temperature. Overall, it’s a more delicate product sporting less sweetness, and a balanced crisp, chewy texture.”

Ear wax fried cakes were picked by the Chinese government as a National Treasure Snack in 1997. The best ear wax fried cakes have a crisp, yellow outside, a soft inside, good stretchiness, and the pungency of fried carbs.

If you want to order one, just point to your ear.

Dean Sin World [San Gabriel Valley]
306 N. Garfield Avenue #2, Monterey Park

Board Link: “Earwax” rice cake dessert at Dean Sin World / Tastio, Monterey Park.

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