“We take cash, charge, or check” is about to become “We take cash, charge, or screw you” at two big grocery chains in California: Fresh & Easy and Whole Foods are going check-free.

Business site DailyFinance notes that “what was once a major convenience has become quite the opposite. With many customers using online banking to check their balances and debit cards combining the ease of credit cards with the reliability of checking, personal checks have become an unwieldy, annoying way to pay, and an impediment to easy recordkeeping.”

Over at Slate, Dan Mitchell cheers the move, noting of check writers: “You want to kill them, or at least say something nasty to them.” Time is money, apparently, particularly when you’ve got a stack of people grumbling behind you as you fill in the dollar amount for a second time, using words instead of numbers.

Image source: Flickr member heidielliott under Creative Commons

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