Preservation Bacon is a new bacon guy in Austin, Texas, who has already earned a recommendation from scrumptiouschef. “I’ve been eating it since spring of this year and each batch has improved,” says scrumptiouschef. “The pound I’ve got in my fridge right now is dynamite. It’s a subtle bacon if there is such a thing.” If you’re into small-batch, artisan goods, this is the bacon to choose.

If you’re going with a larger manufacturer, scrumptiouschef recommends Benton’s Country Ham. “Their bacon packs a wallop of smoke and salt that’s like a pork mallet upside the head,” he warns. “Delicious but not for everyone.”

LaLa likes Benton’s, but prefers Father’s bacon or Broadbent’s slab bacon. And guische puts in a mention for Nueske’s thick-sliced peppered bacon.

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