Tuna steaks are great seared in a hot pan or grilled, and take well to Asian and Mediterranean flavors.

Hounds like tuna steaks seared with Japanese flavorings. CDouglas presses nori fumi furikake (a mixture of sesame seeds, salt, sugar, and seaweed) onto tuna steaks and sears them, then serves with a dipping sauce of shoyu and fresh wasabi. DMW coats the steaks generously with salt, pepper, and sesame seeds, then sears and serves with a wasabi and rice wine dressing.

toveggiegirl likes tuna with tomato-basil sauce, and says these tuna kebabs with ginger-chile marinade are “pretty amazing.”

KiltedCook brushes his tuna steaks with a lime-mayo mix and pats on panko before searing, and hotoynoodle likes them with citrus aioli or black olive tapenade.

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