Tanguito, a colorful truck labeled “Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Paris,” may have the best food at Fisherman’s Wharf, says Melanie Wong. Sorry, tourists, it doesn’t serve chowder. Instead, excellent empanadas and even a burger with chimichurri are prepared fresh on-site; the truck is fully equipped with a grill, deep-fryer, a full-size oven, and smaller ovens.

“Filled with well-seasoned picadillo (ground Angus beef, onion, red pepper, olives), the flaky-crusted and golden empanada was quite delectable,” Melanie says. And don’t forget the top-notch chimichurri.

An Iranian customer loved the chicken with saffron rice, which he said reminded him of home. And that burger also comes recommended. There are also Spanish tortillas cooked to order, although Melanie found hers to be “more like tasty home fries bound with a little bit of egg.”

Empanadas are $3.50 each, most items are $5 or less, and everything is under $10.

Tanguito [Fisherman’s Wharf]
2850 Jones Street, San Francisco

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