On his blog Fancy Fast Food, Brooklynite Erik R. Trinidad has made farfalle out of a Subway sandwich (see video below) and an Alfred Portale-esque tower called Le Chicken McConfit from Chicken McNuggets. So when I saw on the blog Midtown Lunch that he’d be creating something from a Mister Softee truck last night, I showed up to see him in action.

Trinidad only uses items sold at the fast food restaurant he’s featuring to make his fancy dishes, with one exception: “I can add a garnish,” he says. In this case, it was a sprig of organic mint adorning the top of chocolate Mister Softee ice cream that had been vigorously mixed with chocolate sauce, and topped with whipped cream to make “chocolate mousse.”

The Mister Softee truck hosting Trinidad was itself a renegade fast-food mash-up machine. Chrissy, aka Miss Softee, offers daily special toppings not on the usual menu, like the Twinkie Crash, made with baco bits and chocolate crumbles, and potato chip chocolate dip. She got into being a Mister Softee driver because people are “always happy” when they’re ordering ice cream. In her off hours she’s writing a Choose Your Own Adventure–type book. Follow her whereabouts on Twitter as summer winds down.

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