Momofuku Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi is famous for her Compost Cookies, made with pretzels, corn flakes, and coffee grounds, and her Cereal Milk-flavored goodies. But she also makes little eye cream–style pots of flavored compound butters and spreads in flavors like kimchee (pictured,) black pepper, dulce de leche, and Cotija/sour cream, for $3.25 a jar.

The kimchee flavor wasn’t sour, like the Korean pickled cabbage delicacy, but rather tangy-smoky tasting, like barbecue Lay’s potato chips. It was good on corn on the cob, and I imagine it would make dynamite scrambled eggs. Black pepper you could dollop on steak. And dulce de leche could be smeared on toasted white bread. I’m excited to find out what Tosi’s fall and winter creations will be. I’m hopeful they’ll include some good eggnog riffs.

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