Cheesecake is as adaptable as it is popular, and flavors are limited only by your imagination, according to Chowhounds.

“Cheesecakes are pretty foolproof, as long as you have the right technique,” says chowser. “You can play with the number of eggs, cream cheese, adding sour cream, etc. For the crust, I use whatever ‘cookie’ type base that’s appropriate for the type of cheesecake. So, gingersnaps for pumpkin, granola for a key lime.” Swirling in ingredients like caramel or fruit purée is easy, she says: “With any swirl, just remove some of the cheesecake batter, add it in, and swirl on top.”

Citrus is a classic flavoring for cheesecake. Marino’s ricotta cheesecake, flavored with candied lemon peel, orange and lemon zests, rose water, and orange blossom water, is the most delicious one mnosyne has had. Old Spice likes Diana’s favorite lemon mousse cheesecake. “I’m not sure that ‘mousse’ is the right word,” says Old Spice. “It’s definitely lighter than a lot of cheesecakes, but not really very mousse-like. It’s extra lemony, with the addition of the lemon curd spread on top. And, if you like, you can top the curd with almost any seasonal berry.”

Hounds have holiday favorites that would be delicious any time of year. LindaWhit says this light-textured, crustless cranberry swirl cheesecake is a family favorite. And Rubee’s dinner guests always request pumpkin cheesecake with bourbon–sour cream topping.

HillJ loves caramel macchiato cheesecake. She also recommends 101 Cheesecake Recipes as a resource, saying, “The entire website is a marvel.”

And check out CHOW’s Orange-Vanilla Ricotta Cheesecake and Pecan and Salt Caramel Cheesecake.

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