If you have a steamed or boiled lobster, you have the makings of a great dish. When reheating cooked lobster, it’s important to do it quickly because it takes very little time for it to become tough, says souschef. If reheating the meat on its own, Infomaniac suggests the gentle method of putting it in a sealed plastic bag and running hot water over it for a while.

Phurstluv’s favorite dish is the Connecticut-style lobster roll: Sauté the meat gently in copious amounts of melted butter, and serve in a warmed hot dog bun (top-split buns are traditional for lobster rolls, but they can be hard to find outside New England). Or go for a Maine-style lobster roll: Mix the meat with mayonnaise, chopped celery, and a drop of fresh lemon juice.

fourunder makes a salad of lobster meat, julienned sweet bell peppers, snow or sugar snap peas, orange or grapefruit sections, and mixed lettuces, dressed with a citrus vinaigrette. emilief makes lobster quesadillas with chopped green chiles and Monterey Jack cheese.

Hounds recommend saving the lobster shell to make stock for bisque or other uses. danieljdwyer likes to use the shell to make lobster butter. “After you pluck out all the meat,” he says, “chop up everything that remains, including the head and all the funky stuff in there. Sauté that in butter until the kitchen smells strongly of lobster. Strain the butter.” You can use the butter for lobster rolls, or make “a killer eggs Benedict” by using it to make hollandaise and replacing the usual Canadian bacon with warmed lobster meat.

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