The fried chicken sold by one street vendor in Bangkok is especially crunchy, juicy, and delicious, and the Atlantic has the recipe. The chicken has an amazing crust, according to Spot, who adds, “Everybody dug it.”

“I had never made fried chicken with rice flour before,” says F Schubert, “and I was amazed at not only how crisp it turned out, but how sturdy it is—it doesn’t easily detach while frying like buttermilk/flour batter sometimes can. The coating also seems to seal in the heat and juices. Twenty-five minutes after it came out of the oil, it was still piping hot and juicy inside. Even the breast meat.”

“The marinade is the batter is the coating for the fry,” explains wrisjarrett, author of the Atlantic piece. “When you leave overnight, the chicken absorbs much of the liquid, and you’ll get a stickier batter, and more crunch.”

The recipe calls for cilantro roots and stems; Asian and Hispanic markets often sell cilantro with its roots attached, say hounds.

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Bangkok fried Chicken

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