Naan Hut has a massive oven producing giant sheets of sangak bread (Iranian flatbread) at $3 a sheet. “There’s nothing like walking down the street with a couple of sheets of this warm bread in your arms,” says estnyboer.

“Chewy without being doughy, a slight sesame taste and if you set your oven at about 175° [Fahrenheit] you can keep it warm for a while without drying it out too much,” says estnyboer. “We served it with cheese before dinner. It’s incredible with goat cheese. It was incredible with the curry. We couldn’t stop eating it. Overwhelmed by two sheets, I gave one to a neighbor. A couple of hours later they wanted to know, ‘Where the hell did you get this, it’s incredible!'”

Problem is, the service is terrible, and you have to wait an incredibly long time if there’s any sort of line. estnyboer called ahead and had to sort of remind the guy about it. The place badly needs help in the service department. “Naan Hut should be a local treasure but I fear that it will be a just-another-restaurant closure if the service doesn’t change. The bread is so good as to make you cry, but the service is so bad as to produce a different sort of tears,” says estnyboer.

Naan Hut [Westside – Inland]

11551 Santa Monica Boulevard,
 Los Angeles

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