Dry pot seems to be an emerging Chinese trend back in the old country, says Chandavkl. You can get it locally at brand-new Monterey Park spot Wok BBQ, which, strangely, serves no actual barbecue but plenty of dry pots. There’s spicy frog dry pot, spicy clam dry pot, spicy chitterling dry pot, spicy chicken and fish dry pot, and spicy crab dry pot.

An order of shrimp and squid dry pot ($20) gets you a giant pot full of lotus roots, potatoes, and lots of shell-on shrimp and squid. It all comes in a broth that’s plentiful but not fully immersing everything, like a soup. Thus the name: dry pot, as opposed to the much more soupy hot pot.

The broth is very flavorful, and perfect to soak up with rice or potatoes, says suvro. “I would have been happy eating just potatoes in their broth, had it not been for my wife’s strict control on how much potato I consume,” says suvro.

Adds Chandavkl: Wok BBQ has really good cold tofu dishes, too.

Wok BBQ [San Gabriel Valley]
910 E. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park

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