There’s a lot of moaning and groaning on the boards about the lack of great Greek food in this town. epop sends us to Aliki’s Greek Taverna. Aliki’s has a presence at several local farmers’ markets, but there’s a standing store, too.

Gyros are pleasing, and lentil soup is fantastic, says epop, but the real reason to come here is the lamb sandwich, says Dommy. It’s a generous portion of well-flavored, tender lamb in the form of actual chunks of meat, not the ground, processed stuff. (If you truly want the ground-up, standard gyro meat, go to Petit Cafe, which beats Aliki’s for this particular delight, adds Dommy.)

Aliki’s location is quirky, says epop: “half set into a motel, with planes roaring overhead.” It’s surreal, but pleasant.

Aliki’s Greek Taverna [South LA]
5862 Arbor Vitae Street, Los Angeles

Board Link: Aliki’s near LAX: for Greek—finally—

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