Why would you ever need the video fireplace when you can watch a mesmerizing one-hour video of a pizza spinning around to music? Here’s a tasty tidbit:

VIDEO PIZZA is a prankish project by Portland conceptual art posse Wolf Choir, whose members were indeed inspired by an evening spent in front of the video fireplace. Adam Kuban interviewed Wolf Choir member Robbie Augspurger about the project last week on Slice, asking such questions as “Did you eat that pizza after you filmed it?” Augspurger’s priceless response:

“We tried. It was a little rubbery after sitting on a turntable for an hour and a half, and didn’t taste too great. So, we stuffed it down the garbage disposal with a taxidermy deer leg (skinny enough to poke into the opening, pointy and rigid enough to force the pizza down) and made a Papa Murphy’s Hawaiian pizza to eat instead. It’s actually featured in the trailer for Video Hawaiian Pizza at the end of the VIDEO PIZZA credits, along with the trailer for Video Mini Corndogs. Video Hawaiian Pizza is filmed but not edited, and I doubt we will ever do Video Mini Corndogs.”

Wolf Choir has sold about 50 copies of the official VIDEO PIZZA DVDs at $9.99 a pop. That’ll buy a few pies.

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