Something about Spanish cuisine is particularly well-suited to this weather, especially tapas and wines from the Basque region—such as the effervescent, low-alcohol Txakolina featured in this CHOW Report on Tía Pol.

Jake Barnes seems to be of this mind-set, as he’s seeking a good Spanish restaurant or wine bar for spring (other than Bar Jamón or Casa Mono). Txikito, which just hosted a little street fair last weekend, is quickly suggested by sam1, neuman101, JeremyEG, and snaporaz, with honorable mentions going to Tía Pol and El Quinto Pino. But these are all in the same section of the city—Chelsea—so where are the wonderful Spanish restaurants hiding in other parts of Manhattan?

Txikito [Chelsea]
240 Ninth Avenue, Manhattan

Tía Pol [Chelsea]
205 10th Avenue, Manhattan

El Quinto Pino [Chelsea]
401 W. 24th Street, Manhattan

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