Chowhounds and chicken-loving bloggers are all over the two-bird spread at Momofuku Noodle Bar. For $100 you get two whole fried chickens—one Korean style, one Southern style—along with greens, vegetables, herbs, and thin mu-shu-type pancakes for wrapping, plus a suite of dipping sauces (hoisin, ginger-scallion, jalapeño-garlic, and a Sriracha-like hot one).

The Korean version is tamer than the fiery fried chicken at Bon Chon, its successor Mad for Chicken, and their ilk, but trickdos finds it tasty and beautifully crunchy. Even better, says mark r, is the juicy, crispy Southern version in buttermilk–Old Bay batter; “holy cow,” he declares, “the Southern might have been the best I have ever had.”

Call it crowd control, call it clever hype, but this meal is served by reservation only at a handful of daily lunch and dinner seatings. It may sound pricey at $100, but sedela promises it’s a ton of food that’ll easily feed six.

Momofuku Noodle Bar [East Village]
171 First Avenue (at E. 11th Street), Manhattan

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Momofuku Fried Chicken

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