typhoonfish has a definitive opinion on the look of the perfect steakhouse: “When I go to a steak house I want oak and lots of it. I want to feel like I’m sitting in a library in my English country manner about to enjoy a scotch and cigar after my slab of beef.”

That setting was conspicuously absent at Mooo. MC Slim JB scolds, “Yes, you chose practically the only luxury steakhouse in town that doesn’t subscribe to the ‘old money men’s club’ school of design.” He also complains that Mooo “merits mention for being the most expensive one of its kind, and owns the stupidest name.”

“If you want marble, ornate plaster, brass, carved wood, etched glass, and dark paneling, try Grill 23 & Bar next time,” says MC. “Their beef is prime Brandt Farms, with dry-aged versions of ribeye and NY strip. It’s my favorite of a category I don’t especially love.”

Putting the setting aside, typhoonfish was impressed with Mooo’s food, calling it “incredible”: “The grand shellfish platter was all very fresh including lobster, Island Creek oysters, crab and littlenecks. … The $64 Painted Hill Ribeye was the second best piece of meat I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot.”

And speaking of good meat, munchandcrunch had a terrific meal at Del Frisco’s, a Boston outpost of the steakhouse chain that just opened April 23. “The steaks are unnecessarily served with knives which resemble Excalibur. A butter knife would be more than sufficient for their tender cuts. The bone-in rib eye was tremendously flavorful, but in my opinion the 12 oz filet mignon was the star of the show. Juicy and tender, may be the best steak I ever had.”

The room has that “sleek, rich and refined look,” with an extra: floor-to-ceiling windows that open to a Boston Harbor view.

Mooo [Beacon Hill]
In the XV Beacon Hotel, 15 Beacon Street, Boston

Grill 23 & Bar [Back Bay]
161 Berkeley Street, Boston

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House [Seaport/South Boston Waterfront]
250 Northern Avenue, Suite 200, Boston

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