In the rear of Dogwood’s Marketplace is a counter that promises “Healthy Mediterranean Food.” The space by the counter used to be empty, but now it’s got tables and chairs and fresh food.

Everything is made on the premises. There’s the usual Mediterranean stuff: falafel, hummus, baba ghanoush. Try a Mediterranean pizza, very thin, with an herb and spice blend (za’atar) on top. “I asked if he would make me one, and he said yes. I thought maybe it was already made, but he pulled out fresh dough, formed it, topped it with the zaatar and popped it into the wood-fired oven,” says WildSwede. “Herby, spicy, salty deliciousness.” Or try a lahm bajm, the same pizza topped with a ground beef and veal mixture. It, too, is great.

Harry, one of the cooks, is most proud of his lamb chops. He uses New Zealand lamb, and marinates it for three days until the meat is mouth-melting. “Harry is Lebanese Armenian and was trained in classical French cuisine in France and has owned several restaurants. He takes great pride in what he does. These are truly wonderful people who are offering good stuff. Very good stuff,” says WildSwede.

Dogwood’s caters, too.

Dogwood’s Marketplace [San Gabriel Valley]
245 W. Foothill Boulevard, Monrovia

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