Gloucester residents got pretty nervous when Willow Rest closed last year; for a while it looked like the former gas station and brick-oven pizza purveyor was to become a Dunkin’ Donuts. Instead, after the Dunkin’ deal went south, former farm stand proprietor Melissa Donati took over and turned the place into a wonderland of good things: foccacia, breads, and pastry from the brick ovens, as well as prepared food, packaged gourmet items, sandwiches, salads, wonderful cheeses, fresh herbs (kept out back in a fridge), and homemade pies.

eriberri says it’s like a cross between Ned’s Groceria and Marshall’s Farm Stand, and had “fabulous” Ipswich butcher chicken breasts. eriberri also drooled over the great produce and cheese. capeanne says the place is mobbed, and that the sandwiches are good: “The lettuce and tomato actually tasted like lettuce and tomato.”

Willow Rest [Gloucester]
1 Holly Street, Gloucester

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