Chowhound Polecat pens a hilarious and charming ode to the rice roll vendor offering “A Jiggly Steamed Slice of Heaven” at Broadway and Whitney Avenues in Elmhurst, Queens.

Although the rice roll makes frequent cameos at dim sum outings, Polecat is certain that “For anyone who’s only gotten rice rolls in a dim sum joint, watching them get made is actually part of the fun,” and gives a quick primer on the metal steamer drawer, liquid gluten, and ingredients involved in making a “good rice roll … part slippery, part firm—shouldn’t be too much of either. This one had that balance, and was quite tasty.” He parked himself on a bench with a bit of sunshine and a Vietnamese iced coffee and watched a t’ai chi practice session. It was such a vivid description that scoopG made the trek to Elmhurst, took lovely photos, met Mr. Ng, the vendor, and went on to proclaim Elmhurst “my new favorite haunt.” This is Chowhound at its best, folks.

Street Vendor [Elmhurst]
Broadway and Whitney avenues, Elmhurst, Queens
No phone available

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