Filing the first report on Mission Cheese, the fromagerie that just opened on Valencia Street, mariacarmen admits that she’s committed to a one-cheese-per-week purchasing plan. Her first choice was a “nutty, sweet” goat Gouda from Central Coast Creamery. Cheeses for sale by the pound (and sliced, during mariacarmen’s visit, by owner Sarah Dvorak) are divided into taste categories like “fresh & clean,” “smooth & earthy,” and “stinky & delicious.” The shop will eventually hold classes and sell wine, and since its launch has included a menu of hot foods like mac ‘n’ cheese and sandwiches (late-comers beware: When your editor visited two hours before closing, three out of four sandwiches were sold out).

By the numbers: A quarter-pound is the smallest slice you can buy, $39-per-pound Boho Bel is the most expensive cheese on the menu, and $12.50-per-pound Cirrus is the cheapest.

Mission Cheese [Mission District]
736 Valencia Street, San Francisco
No phone number available

Discuss: Mission Cheese, SF in the Mission opened 4/13/11 – any reports?

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