Stuffed grape leaves are great, but what else can you do with tart, fragrant leaves picked from a grapevine? uwebres has made a grape leaf and feta pesto from blanched grape leaves. “There was garlic involved as well,” he says.

almansa likes fish fillets baked in grape leaves, if the leaves are large enough. Also, include grape leaves in your pickle brine for stiffer pickles, says almansa. You can even have them fresh in a salad if they’re tart and not too fibrous, says torty. “I like them wrapped around all sorts of little bits of things and tossed on the grill quickly,” says torty. “It brings out the perfume and makes a fun packet.”

And don’t limit yourself to grape leaves. “Almost any leaves eaten fresh should be picked and eaten just after emergence—grape, mango, avocado, coffee,” says Sam Fujisaka. And if you don’t have a pesticide-free grapevine growing nearby, you might check grocery stores in areas with populations that use grape leaves.

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