Morgan Spurlock, the director of fast-food fright flick Super Size Me, is teaming up with Dark Horse to produce a comic book version of the movie, says the Hollywood Reporter. Not a surprise, really, as Spurlock has already milked the concept thoroughly. But the graphic novel sounds like it might have some added entertainment value:

“Spurlock said after his movie was released that he and [his production company] Warrior Poets were inundated by calls from people who wanted to share their tales from the fast-food underbelly, including the story of a fat man whose cremation made a mortuary smell like French fries and the man that built in his garage a museum of McDonald’s food that never aged.”

Whoa! Also, the comic will be “narrated” by “MC Super-Size Me,” a Crypt Keeper-like character.

Can’t wait to see what this looks like illustrated:

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