tokoyoko is generally indifferent to pancakes. “I eat them mostly for the syrup,” she says. But pancakes made from Japanese pancake mix—Morinaga brand, specifically—are a revelation. “Can you please explain how, HOW in the world this particular pancake mix produced the most magically delicious batch of pancakes I have EVER encountered in my 22 years of pancake eating?” asks tokoyoko.

The photo on the box shows pancakes over an inch thick. tokoyoko assumed it was Photoshopped, but it turns out that this is exactly how the pancakes come out: thick, fluffy, light, and a little sweeter than most pancake mixes. So what’s the secret? “Is there ground Hello Kitty in there for extra awesome?” asks tokoyoko.

The ingredients are in Japanese, but KiltedCook has a theory about the secret ingredient. “I’ll bet there’s rice flour in there, which would make them nice and fluffy and not dense,” he says, though many flours other than wheat could do the same trick.

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