placidothecat sees olive and cream cheese sandwiches on the menu at some old-school delis in downtown Baltimore. But Chowhounds across the eastern United States remember getting these tasty sandwiches in their lunches. Bob W ate a lot of them growing up in Rhode Island. This sandwich is too bland when made with black olives, he says; a “CC&O” sandwich needs briny green olives. Bob W likes rye bread for the job, but placidothecat thinks toasted white bread is perfectly acceptable. alkapal likes pumpernickel.

dct says his college snack bar served grilled cream cheese and olive sandwiches: “crispy, gooey, salty AND creamy,” he says.

If you’re new to the CC&O, smtucker recommends you start with the “pure” experience: bread, cream cheese, sliced green olives. “And after you are addicted, start the add-ins,” he says. Some Chowhounds like walnuts or meat as an additional ingredient. “Personally, I have never added anything to this sandwich beyond the basic three ingredients,” says smtucker.

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