Catalina Island is a mess of food tourist traps. “I did my due Chow-ligence before my trip and discovered, not surprisingly, that the chow situation is relatively bleak,” warns Mr Taster. After spending too much money on some mediocre options, Mr Taster almost gave up—until he found the Sandtrap. It’s a makeshift tent in the restaurant at the Catalina golf course. “A banner suspiciously colored in Rastafarian tones proclaimed Happy Hour—4 to 7, $1 tacos! $2 draft beer! $4 margaritas! We peeked inside. We found a whole bunch of happy locals. High school kids whose baseball game was rained out. Local Latinos huddled over the bar, chatting in Spanish. And mama was manning the taco bar,” says Mr Taster.

You pay the bartender (the son of the aforementioned mama), get a raffle ticket with the number of tacos you ordered, and take it to the mama.

They aren’t necessarily the best tacos ever. But the chorizo is really quite good, and the carne is moist and flavorful, says Mr Taster. “But I can say that these were the perfect tacos to be eating as we took shelter from the rain, in this strange alternate reality of Avalon where it was really comforting to be among local people laughing, chatting, enjoying each other’s company, under a makeshift tent. It was a rare bit of authenticity among this strange tourist-heavy world.”

The Sandtrap [Catalina Island]
501 Avalon Canyon Road, Avalon

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