Making pancakes from scratch is almost as easy as using a mix, and the flavor is much better. A few simple techniques help guarantee a light, fluffy texture.

mels finds that folding an additional egg white beaten to soft peaks into the batter creates “the lightest most tender pancake I have ever made.” Others simply separate the eggs in their recipes, beat the egg whites, and fold them into the batter (Siobhan is a fan of Hannah’s pancakes, which uses this technique). Folding in beaten egg whites “makes all the difference, especially with heavier add-ins or recipes with cottage cheese or ricotta,” says amyzan, who adds, “Egg whites also work wonders with whole grain batters, so you don’t have to sacrifice texture for nutrition.”

Letting pancake batter rest for 15 minutes before cooking makes for lighter pancakes too. This is especially true when whole-grain flour is used because it takes longer to absorb liquids, notes amyzan. And, according to greygarious, replacing half your recipe’s milk with applesauce “not only improves flavor but makes the pancakes more tender.”

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