“So I think most people know at least one person like this… the kind of person who just eats to live, vs. lives to eat,” says secretkessa. This way of life is incomprehensible to many Chowhounds. How do they live? What goes through their minds?

“My best friend from college always thought eating was a chore,” says dynastar. “He wasn’t a picky eater, just hated that he had to eat regularly. If there was a way for him to never eat again, he would jump on it.” RealMenJulienne also has a friend like this: “If food came in daily capsule form with all necessary nutrients he would be first in line to try it. … I must say, I have only ever met people like this in the USA. In Asia, Africa, and Europe everyone I meet has at least a little bit of interest in food, or some national pride in their home cuisine. I never meet people from outside the USA for whom eating is a chore and who have no food interest whatsoever.”

“I think some of us have better olfactory and taste sensitivity and so we actually like eating,” says sueatmo. “Mr. Sueatmo likes quantity of food and sweet tastes. He admits he doesn’t have the sensitive taste that I seem to have. For one thing, he doesn’t detect over salting. He does however like to eat.”

“I read once that 25% of the population cannot taste anything,” says wekick. “This would explain a whole lot of things!”

Discuss: Those you know who actually only “eat to live”?

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