Most food trucks, even the new-wave high-end-y ones, go for the traditional finger-y foods: hot dogs, sandwiches, lobster rolls, tacos, fried things on sticks. But we’ve got a whole new new-wave coming in of the least finger-y trucks possible. Exhibit A: Rokyo Gourmet Ramen. Here’s another surprise: It’s actually really good.

WildSwede went for a pork broth ramen and got a savory pork base, spice blend, green onions, and cilantro. Choose from sesame seeds, chile oil, and Sriracha as toppings. After a mere five-minute wait: a bowl of ramen in your hands, and it is “DELICIOUS!!” says WildSwede.

Rokyo Gourmet Ramen [Mobile]
No formal address, check the website for location
No phone available

Discuss: Rokyo Ramen Truck – on Los Robles in Pasadena 12-2 today (4/6)

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