A Reuben sandwich isn’t a Reuben without a generous helping of Thousand Island dressing (or, insist some Chowhounds, Russian dressing). But bad, gluey-textured Thousand Island just makes the sandwich depressing. “It turns something glorious into an overly sweet, gloppy mess,” laments mattyboy. A perfect Reuben is grilled crispy, with good beef, and is never gloppy at all, says kchurchill5.

Russian dressing is basically “some mayo, a bit of ketchup, and then some ingredients (grated onion, lemon juice, vinegar, Worcester sauce, etc., take your pick) to sharpen it up, not make it into dessert,” says KevinB. “Honestly, how hard is that?”

It’s not, but some people like to use recipes. Here’s CHOW’s Thousand Island Dressing.

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