The freshest eggs and milk are usually those you get from nearby farms. Chip-in Farm, located in Bedford, makes one of the most established brands of cage-free local eggs. You can buy them direct from the farm, or from a number of local stores, but BarmyFotheringayPhipps says that Russo’s always has the best price, at about $2 a dozen. Other sources include Wilson Farms and Seven Acres Farm.

Incidentally, makiman has heard that “if you read the code on a box of eggs, the three digit number is the day of the year the eggs were packaged, and the letter P followed by four digits codes for the plant that produced the eggs.”

Hounds are split over whether they prefer the (relatively) local milk from Shaw Farm (“fabulous,” says bella_sarda), or that of High Lawn Farm, which is made exclusively from Jersey cows. Scruffy The Cat says that “once you try Jersey milk, you’ll never want to drink ‘regular’ milk (from Holsteins) again. It’s a different taste—rounder, with malty overtones and great creaminess, even in the skim.”

Shaw Farm milk can be procured at Russo’s, as well as at Wilson Farms and the Dairy Bar. High Lawn milk is available at Russo’s, and various Whole Foods Markets in the Boston area.

Chip-in Farm [Bedford]
201 Hartwell Road, Bedford

Russo’s Market [Watertown]
560 Pleasant Street, Watertown

Wilson Farms [Lexington]
10 Pleasant Street, Lexington

Seven Acres Farm [Reading]
4 Concord Street, Reading

Dairy Bar @ Kickass Cupcakes [Somerville]
378 Highland Avenue, Somerville

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