We’re partnering with our friends over at the Kitchn to share a little kitchen voyeurism (and inspiration).

The website just toured a 400-square-foot apartment in Chelsea (pictured) where the owner managed to fit in a dishwasher, 72 inches of counter space, washer/dryer combo (that alone makes us jealous), four-burner fancy restaurant range, and a bunch of cool under-counter appliances into the minuscule kitchen. That’s some good planning.

Check out the details and more pics of Jay’s apartment, or take a peek at other people’s kitchens.

Chowhounds have also shared many great tips on outfitting and organizing small kitchens. Some suggestions from the boards include:

Place lazy Susans in cabinets and the fridge to make it easy to get to everything, even the stuff at the back.
• Outfit cabinets with slide-out drawers or baskets.
• To free up counter space, hang as many things on walls as you can, such as pots, pans, measuring spoons, utensils, etc. Hounds suggest everything from adhesive hooks to peg boards, to fancy pot racks. They also suggest magnetic knife strips and magnetic containers that can stick to the fridge.
• Install fold-up shelves to add flexible counter space when you need it.
• Mount hooks or magnetic organizers on the inside of cabinet doors to utilize the space.

Image source: Sabra Krock of Sabra Krock Photography

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