The Sing For Your Beef competition, a video submission contest put on by A1 Steak Sauce, is one of those things that you really hope alien life won’t see when judging the merits of man’s intelligence.

The good news: A grand prize that includes a year’s supply of Omaha steaks as well as daily sweepstakes.

The bad news: You are forever immortalized on YouTube singing about A1 Steak Sauce.

Here’s a smattering of the current contenders:

It’s like some renaissance faire dude mated with a raver pixie dust fairy … in front of a green screen.

Maybe it’s the miniature drum set or the fact that he chose to stand on his bed to play guitar, but this video rocks! This guy probably won’t win, but he definitely should be making more music.

I kinda want to be friends with this guy. I mean look at all the cool figurines on his back wall and the unopened Watchmen action figure boxes he’s saving to sell for his month-long trek into the Nordic black metal wasteland.

Say what you will about his choice of patio furniture, but this guy’s got serious style!

You might think at first that this is just another mediocre submission. But, with each successively violent shake, you have to question if David Lynch’s son got his hands on a video camera.

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