“Oh, those lucky Venice dwellers,” sighs burumun. “If Ado was in my neighborhood, I’d definitely be there quite a bit.” The best part: the perfectly al dente, homemade pasta.

The must-get, and must-get-again dish here is tagliolini rossi con ragu di quaglia in fonduta di Taleggio, says burumun, which is quail ragu with Marsala and homemade red beet pasta, served on a bed of Taleggio fondue. “Even the smell of it already made me so happy … If this doesn’t hit the spot, I don’t know what will.”

Much more delicate is the pappardelle al coniglio, porcini e prugne (homemade pappardelle topped with rabbit ragu, porcini, and prunes). The flavor of the ragu is “subtle but pervasive,” says burumun. Agnello domestico ripieno al pesto (grilled Colorado lamb chops stuffed with pesto and served with red wine and mustard) has moist, tender meat.

The building is cute, the place is cozy, and the servers are nice. What more do you want?

Ado [Westside – Beaches]
796 Main Street, Venice

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