Lost in all the concern about South Carolina governor Mark Sanford’s Argentinian tomfoolery and Sarah Palin’s exciting career change was the really big news of the moment: McDonald’s is introducing a new $4 “premium” Angus burger. Dan Mitchell of Slate writes about the psychology behind the new menu item:

“The burgers are being advertised as ‘premium’ and thus, just like the McCafe, are meant in part to convey the message that McDonald’s isn’t just a place for broke people to scarf cheap eats.”

The theory: If there’s ever an economic recovery, Mitchell posits, McD’s wants to be positioned to catch some of the dining public on the upswing.

If nothing else, the new burger has energized the goofs on YouTube, who have posted numerous videos of themselves unboxing, examining, and eating said burger. Still looks like a hockey puck to me.

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