InSearchOfTacos loves to top plain pasta with honey, cheese, and nuts, a combination that’s widely accepted as a topping for bread—why not pasta? “My friends think I’m a total crazy for doing this though,” says InSearchOfTacos. Even pasta with peanut butter and jelly is not so strange—”even better when I add a little bit of honey to bitefuls of spicy sesame noodles,” says InSearchOfTacos.

“If you like Modo Mio or Monsu in Philadelphia, you will notice that many of their sauces are agrodolce and that honey is the sweetener,” says Delucacheesemonger. “Have been using honey in my sauces forever, you go girl.” CldSkndNdle likes a pasta dish with honey, red onions, sunflower seeds, and mandarin oranges. “Why not rice?” adds HillJ. “I’ve enjoyed a risotto with honey, cheese, and nuts. If you like the combo, more power to you.”

ediblover is not convinced. “I’m a bit stuck on the texture… Bread can be crisp, chewy, and have a wide variety of flavors,” says ediblover. “I can see it working with more ‘grainy’ starches, such as quinoa and wild rice, but pasta calls for a different approach. It also seems a bit heavy and in need of something sour to balance it out.”

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