Lavender is not just a flower, but also a culinary herb, best known as part of the French seasoning mixture herbes de Provence. Use it in both savory and sweet cooking. “Many people don’t like the flowery aroma,” says LindaWhit, “but when used judiciously, it can add quite a lovely fragrance and flavor.”

gourmet wife adds lavender to stewed short ribs, and sarah galvin uses it with maple syrup, salt, and pepper when making cedar-planked salmon. AndrewK512 thinks it tastes great when sprinkled over roasted potatoes right near the end of cooking. ChefJune uses fresh lavender greens as she does rosemary, and says the herb adds a subtly sweet flavor.

gourmet wife adds lavender to strawberry and raspberry sorbets, and Old Spice adds it to pastry cream for fresh fruit tarts. Lavender is good in shortbread, say hounds, and sf toronto uses ground dried lavender in chocolate cookies.

Vetter loves lavender lemonade (steep the lavender in water and use this to make lemonade), and operagirl steeps it in simple syrup and adds Meyer lemon juice and vodka for a summertime drink. CHOW’s Lavender-Thyme Syrup complements more flavorful liquors.

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