Green onions, often just chopped and sprinkled over dishes raw, can be the center of preparations both simple and elaborate. They’re popular grilled as a side, in scrambled eggs and frittatas, and flavoring classic sour-cream-based dips.

fourunder makes a condiment of finely chopped green onions and fresh ginger, kosher salt, and canola oil (add jalapeño or red pepper flakes for a spicy twist). It’s great with anything Asian, fourunder says, especially meats and dumplings.

corneygirl makes green onion pot stickers filled with chopped green onions and tofu mixed with soy sauce and cornstarch. These freeze well, she says. Chinese scallion pancakes make great munching, according to chef chicklet.

thinks too much adds chopped green onions and shredded cheddar to drop biscuits and serves them with chili.

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Image source: Flickr member ewen and donabel under Creative Commons

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