At Parlor Steakhouse, the rice pudding is something special. “It was rice pudding,” says Deenso, “but with a big twist.” Part of that twist is visible right on top: a sprinkling of crisped rice, followed with a blast of flame à la crème brûlée. There’s also a scoop of crème fraîche ice cream and a tart seasonal note hidden underneath.

Deenso takes us through it, bite by bite: “The first spoonful was such a happy experience–the cold ice cream, the crunch and sweet and just-torched hot surface, and the cool and creamy, not-overly-sweet rice pudding. Next dip of the spoon, to the bottom of the bowl, was even better because the rice pudding was covering a base of rhubarb compote.” She adds: “whatever else you have, save room for that dessert!”

Parlor Steakhouse [Upper East Side]
1600 Third Avenue (at E. 90th Street), Manhattan

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