“Jellied eels—cooked and sold cold in their own stock—could soon join the ranks of haslet, stotty cake and bara birth as a dish that is only found in rare pockets of Britain.”

That’s the opening of an article in the Telegraph, and if you can identify any of the three dishes cited after jellied eels, you’re probably either a cosmopolitan gastronome or a native Brit.

A drastic fall in eel stock, caused by “overfishing in combination with habitat loss, pollution, and the damming of rivers,” could change eating habits in Britain for the long term. Or at least until the numbers recover.

Incidentally, haslet is an herbed pork meatloaf, stotty cake is a doughy type of filled bread, and bara birth is a Welsh fruitcake—or so says the all-wise oracle known as the Internet.

Image source: Flickr member hoxtonboy under Creative Commons

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