In a town like Boston where residents rarely have to use their cars to find great food, it takes a potent temptation to lure hounds from their comfy neighborhood spots. But even though Annarosa’s Bakery in Newburyport is a 38-mile drive from Boston, it’s worth the trip.

“This small commercial (no frills) bakery tucked into the back of a rather upscale strip mall might just be making the best bread and rolls in the area,” says mrwhiskers. “We bought 20 sea salt and balsamic rolls the other day and they’re all gone.”

This place is something special, agrees pastrytroll, with an owner who’s a “master baker at the top of his game with an incredible passion for the detail that separates the very good from the transcendent.”

What to buy there? The croissants, foccacia, baguettes, muffins, bread, pizzas … whatever you order, it “beats anything from Boston to Portland,” says merrvally.

Annarosa’s Bakery [Newburyport]
50 Water Street, Newburyport

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