Is the documentary movie Bananas!* an inspiring film about a lawyer’s fight to win financial relief for clients injured while working under terrible conditions for the big bad Dole fruit company? Or a piece of propaganda celebrating a shyster who cooked up thousands of false claims in order to win a $2.2 billion judgment against Dole?

Businessweek writes that, while the argument is far from over, it’s definitely a lively one involving claims, counterclaims, and more legal wrangling than Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg stuck in an oversized sleeping bag with a mountain lion. And, hell, let’s assume for the sake of this proposition that the mountain lion has a University of Chicago law degree, too.

The fact that all of this takes place against the backdrop of U.S. fruit companies in Central America (a proud commercial relationship celebrated in films such as The Godfather: Part II) makes it all the more tension-charged.

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