Pizza Hut is changing many of its signs and boxes to read simply “The Hut” in an attempt—and this is a direct quote from an MSN Money blog—”to transform its stores into hip hangouts.”

The new “Hut” stores will be about much more than just placing orders or picking up food, according to MediaWeek; the stores will include televisions that broadcast programs such as Wheel of Fortune and Entertainment Tonight.

Good God, people. Those shows are so dangerously hip that they’re going to need a velvet rope and bouncers to regulate who’s allowed to get in. Beverage choices will soon include Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Cristal Champagne. Pizzas will be sold with the customer’s choice of bread sticks, cheese sticks, or Thai sticks. Etc., etc. You can write your own.

At any rate, it seems fairly obvious what the new hip Hut’s theme song is going to be.

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