The “chicken oyster” isn’t what it sounds like (at least, not if you’re thinking Rocky Mountain oysters). It’s a particularly tender piece of dark muscle, the sweetest meat on the chicken. “It is fat-oyster or rugby ball shaped, firm but tender and juicy,” says alkapal. “One of the reasons I think they are so succulent is that they are nestled in a little quasi-pocket of the backbone/hip, and when roasted, they take goodness from being nestled there against the bone.”

Chicken oysters are universally loved by Chowhounds, a real cook’s treat. “They are usually eaten over the sink with the fingers next to the cutting board while no one is watching,” says jfood. “The oysters NEVER make it to the table at Casa jfood.”

“They are on either side of the lower spine, dark, flavorful, and oyster-shaped,” says madkittybadkitty. “Nobody in my family knows they exist … no chicken on my dinner table has the oysters in it.”

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